Doctor Marketing™ self-publishing service for healthcare professionals gets your research and work in front of a global audience – quickly!
Let your work be known…

You no longer need to depend on a journal to publish your research. We can achieve the same reach, and better, when you self-publish to your website and share on your social media platforms.

It’s all about Content 

At Doctor Marketing™, we help develop unique engaging brand content marketing that builds awareness, garners a following and cultivates brand advocacy. From creative copywriting, engaging photography, to social and full length video spots, our passion is storytelling and truly believe it all starts with great content.

Cross-channel Content Marketing

The modern marketing ecosystem is a vast and complex web of digital and physical experiences. Brands must adapt their content to work everywhere their audience might find them. Whether it’s a social network, an outdoor billboard, a mobile ad, or a random conversation with a digital concierge, we are here to help your brand define those touch point opportunities and create engaging content that transcends.

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