Google Ads & Analytics

We guarantee your online ranking and website traffic will improve with 360˚ marketing services by Doctor Marketing™.

Insights & Analytics

Doctor Marketing™ has a bespoke approach to accessing, structuring, and analyzing the ever-expanding data classes and sources, as well as inferring actionable insights. Specifically, we focus on combining “small data,” the data proprietary to the brand, and “big data,” the publicly available digital data.

After gathering insights, we derive marketing concepts, which we test in a live environment and optimize based on performance data and analytics. By ensuring KPIs are firmly linked to business objectives, we can confidently ensure the business impact of our solutions.


We begin each new project with an in-depth review of current website traffic sources, domain authority, page authority, keyword ranking, pages indexed in Google—and many other attributes.

2. “WHY” AND “HOW”

Next, we look at the reasoning behind why and how a client wants to be found for specific keyword phrases, and have a comprehensive conversation about the best way to approach a solution.


We then formulate a strategy that forecasts future events, milestones, and objectives and establishes clear metrics that will be our baseline upon which we gauge success.


We continue to optimize your keywords, establish new ones and begin our link building efforts to further solidify your search results.

What gets measured gets managed.

Peter Drucker


Let’s talk about data, insights, and analytics

Doctor Marketing™ is passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together in one beautiful experience. If you are too, call or send us an email to get started.