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LinkedIn Slider

Showcase your research or announcement with a Doctor Marketing Slider. Ideal for LinkedIn and audience engagement.


Custom SEO Package w/ dedicated manager

Doctors want visibility, traffic and patients. Achieving that is what we’re good at. We only employ the most direct method to achieve visibility for your practice. Our service includes curating & writing content optimized for specific keywords, auditing your site technically and optimizing its backend performance, building up your domain strength through backlinks, strategically marketing your business based on technical factors.

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Yoast SEO

$150 Annual

Mailchimp automation and setup

Create email campaigns to engage your contacts. The benefits of doing so include building community, increasing customer loyalty, sharing your updates, and triggering new business.

$1,200 Setup
+ $1,200 per email design

Blog setup and maintenance

Good content is the key for ranking on Google. Setup your blog for success with good design, good UX, and optimizing it for search.

Starting at


Video management (YouTube)

YouTube is the second most used search platform, after Google. When utilizing YouTube, put your best foot forward with channel branding, custom thumbnail design, engaging titles and descriptions, keywords, and best tags.

$2,000 and up

Logo design

Distinguish your brand and business with a professionally designed logo.


Unlimited graphic design

You provide the concept, copy, and design examples to reference. We do the rest!

$750 per individual doctor (request quote for commercial needs)

Explainer video production

Video is most effective at reaching your audience. This add-on will bring your company news, announcements, product features, product benefits, and customer journey to life! This medium can be used to showcase key medical research.

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Facebook Messenger (Website Integration)

Give your customers the option to reach you through Messenger directly from your website.


Facebook Appointments (Setup)

Good UX allows your customers tools that makes it easy for them to contact or book an appointment with you. Facebook Appointments reduces ‘abandonment’ rate. We make it easy to setup and integrate into your website.


Facebook WhatsApp Integration

This is included with Facebook Appointments.


Press Release

Announce company milestones, partnerships, and newsworthy items with a professionally written press release. *Price does not include third-party fees for distribution.


Awards Submission

Award recognition is excellent PR, and provides industry buzz that often lead to greater opportunities, and consumer confidence.

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Facebook Ads Management

Reach your customers and business objectives more quickly with targeted ads and campaigns.

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Adwords Google Campaigns

Reach your customers and business objectives more quickly with targeted ads and campaigns.

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Online Event Production

Online events by Philip James are some of the most successful on the Internet. Take advantage of our proven strategies and creativity that make your online event most successful.

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Testimonials Video Production

The best endorsement of your product or service is told by others. Take advantage of video testimonials, hosted by Philip James. Philip hosts the popular Doctor Thyroid and Corporate Sustainability podcasts, and live webcasts. His shows are listened to in over 30 countries. Production, editing, guest management, and script writing is in included. You provide the guest, and we do the rest!

Starting at

$1,500 per video

Social media Channel Setup

Branding and images for your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

$900 per account/profile

3D video

Use 3D video as anchor key content on your website or to make a statement about your company or product!

Starting at

$95 per minute and up

Event Production

We specialize in in-person and online event production. Including, the coordination of speakers, online engagement, graphic design, pre-planning, and post event marketing. For events as small as two speakers, to industry conferences and meetings.

Starting at


Podcast Show Setup

Are you interested in setting up a podcast but not sure where to start? We offer a turnkey solution to setup your podcast and guide for branding, hosting, iTunes, and production quality. Podcasts are a great medium for reaching your audience with authenticity and ease of tuning in to what you have to say!

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Podcast production

You recorded en episode, now what? If a podcast is poorly produced or has inferior audio quality, you will lose listeners and it will make it nearly impossible to grow your audience. With the podcast production add-on, simply record your episode(s) and we do the rest!

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Podcast full-service

Includes launching your show successfully, post-production of each episode, and maximizing engagement with professional graphic design and audio production.

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Be a guest of Philip James

Sorry, Philip James does not accept paid-for guests. His podcast is intended for patient education. This is our way of giving back and helping others.

White Label Marketing

Bring your clinic or hospital into the future. Patients’ first impression of your organization is your website and the digital presence of your doctors. Allow all in your organization to take advantage of professional branding and digital marketing with White Label by Doctor Marketing.